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Analysis and Industrialization

1· Design and development

We have the commitment and technical capacity to develop an idea from the first sketches, this allows us to accompany our customers in the stage they need to develop a quality final product, providing our experience and technical knowledge in the development.

2· R&D

Research and development are present in all areas of our company, from materials and technology to processes. Always trying to be at the forefront of the industry to offer the most high-tech solutions for the most demanding requirements of our partners.
Our main objective, in addition to the production of parts, is to create a process of analysis and industrialization with the highest possible efficiency. The optimization of resources and understanding the processes of the project, added to our experience in the sector, makes the projects we carry out at Moltec, are of high quality.

3· Production

Our equipment and personal are at the height of the most demanding productions of the sector. Our extensive experience, being pioneers in the injection of multicomponents at national level, and the various certifications such as iso-9001 or IATF in the automotive sector guarantee the rigor and excellence in our processes and products.

4· Quality

The continuous process of revision and improvement is innate in all our projects giving a fast and close treatment that guarantees not only the validity of our productions but also the confidence of our clients in a total quality system.

5· Logistics

Advanced planning and empathy with customer needs are the pillar of our flexibility and timeliness of our logistics services.

· ISO 9001

· ISO 14001

Moltec has been certified to the specific IATF16949 standard since 2016.