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• Moltec has machinery that is constantly renewed.

• 70% of our injection molding equipment is equipped to work with 2K (hard/soft or hard/hard material).

• The machines are equipped with peripheral systems (i.e. cooling, manipulators, robots, etc.).

• Our equipment allows us to process different types of plastic raw materials such as: ABS, PA, PC, POM, PBT, TPE, SAN, PE, PP, PVC, PET, PAA, etc.

• The feeding system of our machines is an automatic and centralized system with drying and dehumidification processes.

• All of the above allows us to work with fully automated processes, being able to deliver quality and optimized production cycles.


Our machine park is composed of 26 machines:

• Two-component injection machines (18) -> 75Tn/650Tn with possibility of manufacturing with rotary platen, transfer overmolding, core-back or index plate.

• Mono-injection machines (8) -> 35Tn/ 650 Tn Automated lines with robot for parts extraction and conveyor belts.