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We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, from the birth of the idea to the final packaging.

We combine experience and innovation to offer the optimal product 

Our mission is to provide solutions to the needs of our clients in the development and manufacture of injected plastic parts, applying advanced technologies, respecting our heritage as a pioneering family business in bi-material injection, in an environment of collaboration and innovation; contributing to the rational and sustainable use of plastics in our society; and this leads us to offer clients our more than 40 years of experience in the sector, from drawing up their embryonic idea to managing the post-processing of the pieces (assembly, painting, chrome plating, pad printing, silk-screen printing, among others), obviously passing by injection molding and quality management of manufactured parts. 
Our vision is to be a company that develops plastic products of a high technical level, with a presence in a wide variety of sectors, providing comprehensive services from product engineering to post-processing, applying industry 4.0 technologies to automation and process control, producing the minimum environmental impact, with the ultimate goal of improving people's lives, from our own workers to our clients and society in general. We want every company that has a need related to the injection of plastic parts to be able to rely on us to choose the best methods, materials, equipment and processes for the development of its product and in this way offer peace of mind and reliability in an increasingly business world. more competitive and changing.


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We are a family business founded by Mr. Enrique Gascó as PLASTICOS GASCÓ S.A. in 1970, in a small warehouse in Hospitalet de Llobregat.

Due to its growth, in 1974, it acquired and moved to a larger warehouse, also in Hospitalet de Llobregat, where it was registered as MOLDEO TÉCNICO S.A. Over the years we grew and acquired 4 adjacent warehouses, quadrupling our business area. 

During our beginnings, Mr. Gascó created underlying companies complementary to the injection of thermoplastics to satisfy the needs of clients, giving added value and finishing of plastic parts such as; montages, paintings, engravings and many more; RAIBO, which assembled and supplied the finished handles of the first Seat Ibiza, MOLDEADOS TÉCNICOS COSMÉTICOS, creating its own design packaging for the cosmetics sector, INYECCION Y DESARROLOS S.L. in the construction of our own quality molds and injection of thermoplastics.

Due to the growth and unsustainability of logistics in our location, we moved to Esparreguera, updating our facilities, advanced in their time and cutting-edge. We currently have an area of ​​more than 4,500 m2. very well located and logistically connected in order to provide the best service to customers. Thanks to the know-how and professionalism acquired over more than 53 years, MOLTEC has become a company with great opportunities for clients, highly trained in engineering services, investing, innovating and constantly updating its facilities based on the needs of each project. renewing machinery, developing automation and incorporating the latest technology processes to ensure quality and production in different sectors such as; automotive, household appliances, healthcare or electrical, giving guarantees of success in the development and industrialization of any product, in the industry in general. 

Pioneers in Spain since 1975, in the transformation of engineering thermoplastics in the Bi-Matter specialty. (2 components). We have a park of machines from 50 to 650TN of which 18 are Bi-material in different process variants such as; the retractable cores (core back), index plate, rotating plate and transfer by CNC robot. 

Since February 2003 we have had our Quality System accredited in accordance with the requirements requested by the ISO 9000: 2000 Standard. And in 2016 we certified our quality and environmental management systems under the IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 standards. At MOLTEC we honor the values ​​instilled by our founder such as; Professionalism, Honesty, Honesty and Nobility.

The team

Only the best professionals together with the most cutting-edge technology are capable of carrying out the most advanced creation and implementation processes. At Moltec, we are proud to say that we have a professional, dedicated and extremely qualified staff.
Roberto Gava
General Director
More than 35 years in the plastic industry, specializing in the development and manufacturing of parts and molds. Collaborator with the Spanish Center for Plastics as a trainer in the design of plastic parts and injection molds.
Susana Sanchez
Purchasing and Customer Service
Over 25 years of experience in the plastic industry, involved in various roles such as Quality, Sales, Administration, Purchasing, and Sales.
Natalia Burguillo
Administration and Human Resources
Extensive experience of over 25 years in Accounting and Human Resources departments in companies from various sectors.
Isidro Sánchez
Product Engineering and Molds
Expert in the development and industrialization of plastic parts, from conception to mass production. Extensive experience in the molds manufacturing and plastic injection production industry.
Rafael Aguilera
Process Engineering
Expert in thermoplastic injection, both single and two-component (2K). Over 36 years of extensive experience in production, molds, and process engineering.
Juan Ángel Rodriguez
Over 10 years of experience in quality management in the plastic transformation industry, meeting the strict requirements of the automotive sector. Developed integrated management systems in various companies.
Oscar Morales
Production and Logistics
More than 30 years in the plastic processing industry, from production to logistics, with excellent feedback from clients.
Josep Cabrera
Extensive experience in different environments and sectors, with a clear dedication to helping clients and colleagues that naturally translates into excellent business development.
Juan Fortes
Automation and Maintenance
Extensive experience in the development of mechatronic automation and control systems, as well as in the maintenance of industrial equipment.

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Moldeo Técnico, S.A., born in 1975, we are dedicated to multi-component injection and mold design.
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